Fall Equinox: The Mythic Chain

The gist of today’s practice is to explore the ideas of consequence and interaction between particular events. To summarise: everything is connected.

Roderick makes some remarks about Karma, which I don’t really go in for, but the exercise was quite interesting (in the way of conversations one may have had in their teens while having their first ‘recreational’ experience). It also connected quite nicely with some of the ideas which surfaced from the practices over the previous days.

The Exercise:

You pick a person in your life with whom you have a close relationship. Then draw a line (as on a mind map) and name the circumstance through which you met this person. Add another line, connecting this situation to the circumstances which led you to be in the situation to meet this person… and on and on. You could take this back a long way and in many directions. It’s a fun, visual representation of the way things lead into one another – which Roderick terms ‘the Mythic Chain.’

It really does make one reconsider the things which take place in life. Viewed in isolation, events may seem meaningless or horrid; but when viewed in relationship to all that occurs around it, it becomes apparent that it is merely one component of the ecosystem populating our timelines.

And now I’m seeing time as some weird, trans-dimensional equivalent of a primordial ocean spawning life but in a non-physical fashion… as above something something…

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